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several miles in san jose. t several miles in san jose. t includes a shootout with po. l on the >>> a wild and dangerous crime spree over several miles. includes a shootout with police. an armed suspect still on the loose. >>> rocket fire between israel and gaza appears to be quieting down. doppler radar tracking more rain in the bay area. plus a look at thanksgiving outlook with the pinpoint forecast. >> good eke. a series of robberies. a high speed chase and a gun battle with police. while one suspect was arrested another armed suspect is still on the loose tonight. how neighbors helped catch one of the gunmen. >> our primary focus is getting the second guy in custody. >> reporter: this is how it ended for one of two men accused of shooting a police officer last nigh. hiding in a neighborhood that's spent two hours on lock down. >> it was crazy. it was scary. >> reporter: police say the men went on an armed robbery free hitting up businesses and people at gunpoint. police are also looking into the possibility the two were involved in a murder. >> violent suspects. both
assessment in the deadly san jose crime spree is in custody. how friends and family are remembering the victim. >> and in the world of weather, we are starting out with a world of fog in the bay area. dense fog advisories are posted. that will change as the day goes on and so will the weather, midweek. we will have the details. >> and way it may be time to think small for your holiday shopping. why your neighborhood businesses probably need a lot more love than just one year. >>> thank you for joining us. i am anne makovec. >> and i am bill clinton. we have -- matte. we -- bill ma tear. we have a lot of new to talk about. on the verge of going out of business what, does it mean for marketing, eating and jobs. >>> i am phil matier. a second suspect is now in custody in a deadly crime spree in san jose. >> yes. friends and family are honoring a 22-year-old victim this weekend. police used this sketch to track down a suspect. he is 15, hiding at a home in concord. 's minor and booked now in jew nile hall. his name has not been released since he is a minor. this is a cervical photo o
problem. a shortage of police officers. facing lower wages and cut benefits, more officers in san jose are resigning. there are new less than 1,000 officers in that department available for full duty. and only 70% of those are out on the street. cbs 5 reporter kid doe says there is a silver lining. >> reporter: he caught a burglar red-handed in his bedroom. >> surprising. you don't expect somebody in your home that doesn't belong there. >> reporter: he used to be the neighborhood watch vice president and says there have been about 10 break-ins in the past six months. >> we're a very large city with a very small force. when things go wrong, we need officers there to support us and be the law. >> reporter: san jose police have written a special memo to the city. >> the numbers are not good. and they are not going to be good for some time. >> reporter: they went from a high of 1 four 20 officers to 194 today -- 1,094 today. minus detective, the port staff, and administration, you're left with just 583 officers for patrol. >> there is no wiggle room. any time you move personnel out of here
not made it to sunnyvale, san jose. everything moving from the north to the south. we'll talk more coming up. >>> cities and towns along the atlantic coast continue to dry out and take stock in the aftermath of hurricane sandy. >> in new york, the sun finally came out today and public transit sputtered back to life. the biggest challenge right now is pump th flood water out of -- pumping the flood water out of tunnels. >> i instituted a 15 minute rule on my team. you return everybody's phone calls in 15 minutes. whether it's the mayor's, the governor's, county official, if they need something, we figure out a way to say yes. >> and the amazing numbers are coming in as well. six million people in 13 states still without power tonight. 68 deaths blamed on the storm. and insurance companies say they've got more than 30,000 claims already. >>> on long beach island in new jersey, homes built on the water are in shambles. and the dunes built to protect the houses ended up in the streets. boats were scattered like bath toys on the harbors. the rebuilding will not happen overnight. >> it's just a
with his head down. he is accused of killing a man during an attempted carjacking and wounding a san jose cop after a spring of robberies. >> no, thank you. >> reporter: outside his court-appointed lawyer spoke to his state of mind. >> extremely remorseful. >> reporter: he and an accomplice allegedly robbed four san jose businesses then culled rory park pettaford while attempting to carjack him in a parking lot. they fired on an officer several times, bracing his belt and disabling his weapon. he crashed his car and was arrested while his partner escaped on foot. the crime spree could land him in prison for the rest of his life or worse. >> the murder of rory, that potentially is a life without the possibility of parole or a death penalty charge. there's not much more you can do to somebody after that. but the attempted murder of a police officer is a life offense in itself. >> reporter: despite a $20,000 reward on his head and an all-out police manhunt, the second suspect continues to allude capture. >> this is somebody but for the grace of god, this officer could have been killed. we h
four others in the hospital. the man hunt for the suspect wanted in his wife's death in san jose is over. how it came to an end late this afternoon. >>> and just how low will it go? the neighborhoods that will be freezing tonight with your pinpoint forecast. >>> good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. it is not something you expect when you put a family member into assisted living. two people living at the folden age villa in placer county died after eating soup made with mild mushrooms, don knapp on the mistake. >> reporter: on tuesday, a caregiver here picked some mushrooms found growing on the property and fed it to residents in a soup. two are now dead and four others including the caregiver are hospitalized. >> we ha no comment. >> can you just tell me what happened? >> no. thank you. >> thank you. >> reporter: it's a sad story but not unique. those here at the san francisco call center of the california poison control system have heard it often. especially this time of year. >> we get them almost every year where people go out, picking wild mushrooms. and wind up picking these d
at the school. the new apology-from-jy from the san jose catholic church. >> when it rains, it poured when there is more on the way. not dead. we'll have all of the detail when is we cover weather a few minutes from now. >> most americans are overworked and underpaid, so, just give them the day off. >> call it black friday backlash. the campaign to stop stores from opening doors on thanksgiving. >> it's 8:30 on sunday, november 18th. thanks for joining us this morning. >> we have a lot of news in the next hour. the situation in israel. also, the situation in sacramento. we're going to sit down with state senator-elect jerry hill to talk about the new surplus that suddenly popped up on the screen. >> yeah, california's fiscal future and talking about the petraeus scandal. it's, of course, a big one in the headlines all week long. we're also going to talk about how safe is our e-mail. >> and we're going to talk about the safe streets of san francisco as we shift state prisoners on to the county. meanwhile, there is an apology this morning from the bishop of san jose, after a registered sex
and are collecting donations to maintain it now. >> san jose held the veteran a's day parade today. the opening ceremony took place in honor of the 1918 arm consist signed at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11 -month. . >> it was a beautiful day for a pradz in san francisco as the people lined up the streets for this year's veteran's day absolute. hundreds of veterans took part in a march down the street. san francisco mayor ed lee was there to show support. >> lots of blue skies today but now the rain and the days to expect it with the pinpoint forecast. . >> he was among millions to have fought for our freedom, the dramatic firsthand account from a bay area veteran who was at the battle of the bulge who risked their lives to protect our liberties. cbs 5 reporter ann makovec brins on this veteran ace day we're with hon norg those who risks their lives to bring us liberties. >> one night, there was a big explosion, everybody rushed to the docks and a crew ship had been torpedo. >> 89 years old herman shapiro is a world you war one veteran and remembers a night when u.s. ships were att
, simply. keurig. . >>> and, in san jose with our sports report here's dennis. >> okay. that was donovan who just walked out. trying to grab him here. an emotional night as san jose earthquakes, if they won or would have tied, would have moved on to the conference final. let's roll the highlights and show you what happened. frustration and yellow cards told the story of how san jose's night went. 21st minute of play, the galaxy drives first, uncontested, one goal to put the galaxy up 1-0. not done there. 13 minutes later, donovan penetrates, patient, taps in for the easy goal, 2 goals for keen. two somersaults for keen. and then donovan to the middle, mcgee one timer into the back of the net. 3-0 at that point. galaxy. the quakes did add a goal in the second half. 3-1. they got to to 3-2. it would have been gone to overtime but a great season comes to answered tonight as the hands of the galaxy. the warriors also won tonight against cleveland, but guys, disappointing end because san jose went down to l.a., beat the galaxy in front of 27,000 and tonight for the season to come to an end a
ayers, cbs 5. >>> the san jose priest has resigned in the fallout over a letter allowing a sex offender to volunteer at the school festival. he said that he had a letter from the diocese, allowing him to be on campus, even though he's on probation from molesting a relative. when confronted at the festival, the father defended him. but the bishop says that the letter to his probation officer was unauthorized. the letter said in part that he was informed that he could continue to participate in parent functions of the school and parish that do not involve the regular unsupervised contact rather with children, youth, or vulnerable adults. and in a statement today, the diocese said that the father will not be reassigned within the diocese. >>> a man arrested at the oakland airport for wearing a suspicious looking watch won't be facing any criminal charges. this is the watch that the man tried to take past the security check point last thursday. the toggle switch, fuses, wires got the attention of the tsa. the 49-year-old was arrested and the terminal was evacuated. >> people that give me co
. the state department of social services is looking into the latest incident. >>> the san jose police department getting help from a source that has always existed, but now seems to be stepping up to the plate. neighborhood groups are forming. recently, police arrested seven burglary suspects working with residents of san jose. the result of people keeping their eyes and ears open. >> here we always keep our eyes open for cars we don't know, people we are not familiar with. we do try to keep in contact with our neighbors. >> there are dozens of websites and chat rooms out there devoted to community watch. police if you do see something, call 911 and don't take the law into your own hands. >> also new, two people dead and two homes completely destroyed. the blast happened late last night and witnesses say it was loud and thunderous. residents say that the neighborhood now looks like a war zone with dozens of homes damaged. at least 200 people were taken to shelters. meanwhile, the cause of the explosion is still under investigation. >>> and a powerful 6.8 magnitude earthquake struck th
notarangelo. >>> tonight police identified a gunman they say tried to kill a san jose officer. meanwhile they're on the hunt for another suspect and asking for help. a $10,000 reward is now offered for his capture. cbs5 reporter don knapp shows us the series of crimes the gunman is wanted for including murder. >> reporter: police say the chase and arrest of this man ended in a friday crime spree that included four armed robberies, a homicide and attempted murder of two san jose police officers. 26-year-old jonathan wilbanks was captured after a shootout that wounded one officer and a high speed chase ending in a crash after which wilbanks fled on foot. it was says the sergeant an old- fashioned shootout. >> the officer was forced to duck down for cover. there were rounds in the officer's sheet, front windshield, side window -- seat, frond windshield, side window. now the car is contaminated with pepper spray. >> reporter: police say wilbanks and an accomplice hit a pizza parlor, jack in a box and a spa. wilbanks and another man at large shot and killed rory clarke pediford while attempting
do that. >> and too much aromatic oil is being blamed for a hazmat emergency at a san jose business today. this is a live picture of the scene where we're told l as many as ten people were sickened. it turned out there was just too much oil on the rocks in the steam room. . >> a fremont man is mind bars accused of trying to kill his girlfriend. kit has more. >> the frantic 911 call came from this backyard. the woman on the phone had her hands tied behind her book, a noose around her neck and her angry boy friend was coming back. >> he told her he was going to kill her they say 31 year old daniel l howard got into an argument with his girlfriend and bound her hands. when he went inside to get a cigarette, she dug her dproenl out and called police. >> when police officers confronted him, they say he used her as a shield and that he had taken up the slack in the rope and was prepared to kick out the barrel from under her feet. officers say he tried to flee but they caught him had the officers not got there in time, what do you think would have happened? >> he would have killed he
: it all began on 2011 when the then principal of san jose met with the parent of a second grader. the 8-year-old student said her teacher blindfolded her and made her lay down in the classroom. they were alone. according to the principal's notes, the student felt something gooey that maybe it was his tongue on her feet, that he kept it there for 20 seconds or so and inserted something in her mouth. they confronted the teacher, convincing the principal it was a lesson about helen keller blindness. and as a result, at least one other student was also allegedly molested. >> do you think that the principal was just naive? >> i think that she didn't want this ugly thing to be true. >> reporter: the prosecutor said that the principal was a nice person who made a terrible judgment call. >> i'm sure that she has done a lot of wonderful things in her life. and this was a big failure on a big day. >> reporter: she testified that she had not gotten training on how to spot child abuse. jurors hope that it would be a wake up call for districts to do better. >> she got horrible advice from hr and she
on a violent crime spree? san jose. as cbs 5 reporter anne makovec tells us it comes on the same day the officers get a big break in the case. >> you would never want to see someone that young lose his life at a young age by those means. >> reporter: 22-year-old rory park-pettiford was remembered at a memorial service in campbell. >> rory was a great kid. always jovial and happy. you know practical joker. >> reporter: but many friends couldn't speak of him without breaking down because they can't help but remember how he was killed. during a robbery attempt one week and one day ago. this is a surveillance photo of two robbers whom police say tried to carjack pet pet ford in his car outside a 7/11 store then shot him when he tried the drive away. that's after a violent crime spree that started with four armed robberies within an hour on friday, november 16th. this is how it ended for one suspect. 26-year-old jonathan wilbanks captured after running into a family's home later that night. the second and final suspect a teenager was caught last night after a week on the run. >> we're jus
along the current union pacific right-of-way on to san jose and into san francisco. >> okay, i'm looking at the footage here. we have seen this a couple of times. i know it's an artist's rendition. okay. when are we going to see the real thing? we have a green light now, right? >> this is the access into sacramento. >> uh-huh. >> and, indeed, you will see this now. and this is going ahead. the construction will begin in the central valley between fresno and bakersfield. >> uh-huh. >> and this is in 2013 welcome did. >> right. >> and -- 2013. >> right. >> and seeing ecthink its to l.a. and anaheim and north from chowchilla into gil roy and santa fe and san francisco. >> when this is done, i don't care error if i'm using a walker. i will get on and i might stop in chowchilla first. >> you may not be able to. >> that's right. >> and let's go to, in terms of -- it seems like. >> to go now. >> yes. >> and the president pledged a stimulus of 3.5 ms. >> for california. >> yeah, and we want to be selfish for a half an hour, $3.5 million. the question is, if this week's election doesn't re-elect
,000. in san jose. >> if you can't quite afford to go electric you can go a little greener at the pump with algae. yeah. algae derived biodiesel. this is part of a trial program. the price should hover around the same as regular diesel. the big difference though, the fuel burns much cleaner. >> there's a 30% reduction in particulate matter. a 10% reduction in total hydrocarbon. >> the algae fuel is approved for use in all diesel engines. >> a second u.s. general is now caught up in the scandal that brought down cia director david petraeus. and the same florida socialite is at the center of it all. was jill kelley's complaint that ended up revealing petraeus' extramarital affair. an inappropriate relationship between kelley and john allen. he was in line to become the military head of nato. that's now on hold as the investigation continues. allen denies think wrong doing and remains on duty. >> president has great confidence in the military. great confidence in his commanders and will continue to have that confidence. >> a person close to kelley denies any affair. even flirtatious e-ma
of rain. down towards san jose, about an inch and a quarter. winter weather advisory for the sierra. a lot of the ski resorts will get snow. outside it's cloudy and milder. san jose still 59. livermore and santa rosa. southern county seeing rainfall. we are patiently waiting our turn. first wave of rainfall gets here around 6 or 7:00 tomorrow morning. once the rain gets here it's going to be a lot of rainfall throughout the day. the first wave moves through on friday. soggy on saturday. final wave of rainfall will leave about lunchtime on sunday. looking to get outside over the weekend i would say mid to late afternoon on sunday is your best bet to avoid the rainfall outdoors this weekend. steady rain at times. dry stretches between these waves of rainfall. for tomorrow friday we will be soggy, cooler than normal. low to mid60s. 64 for campbell. rain likely in san ramon. high of 64. about 61 for mill valley. monday and tuesday we're dry. the day before thanksgiving more showers come back. dennis is back with sports. >> something happened in baseball for the first time since the watergate
. san francisco is one of the mild spots. at 58 degrees. san jose at 53. oakland 56. livermore, 47. santa rosa, 46 degrees. doppler radar is coming up dry. when it changes it's going to change. adding to rainfall totals for the end of november. oakland above normal at 13 percent. livermore is trailing by any where from 11 to 20 percent behind what's average. a lot of rainfall for the pacific northwest. let's follow the moisture across the pacific. it's an active jet stream. it's blocking rain and storms from making it down here. it will give you a sunny mild beautiful holiday weekend to get outside. highs approaching 70 degrees. that will change. high pressure moves out. low pressure dies down from the gulf of alaska. that will bring the storm back to the bay area. sunday for monday much wetter weather starting on wednesday. highs around 70 tomorrow. san jose, 71. redwood city, free month 69. pittsburgh, antioch, brent wood, 71. 71 for san leandro. we're sunny on sunday and monday but here come the clouds. on tuesday rain is likely wednesday through friday. time for sports. >> inde
to talk to him very soon about their diversity needs. >>> the 15-year-old suspect a deadly san jose crime spree will stand trial as an adult. he faces eight felony counts including murder and attempted murder of a peace officer. police say he and 26-year-old jonathan will banks robbed a string of san jose businesses on november 16th. before killing 22-year-old rory for his car. the crime spree ended in a police shoot out and left an officer hurt. >>> a school bus driver saved a disabled students life after the bus burst into flames. a passer by snapped this photo of the bus as it caught fire this morning near silendale middle school. there was only one child on board but she was strapped in an electric chair. the flames had cut off the power. so he unbuckled the student scooped her up and carried her to safety. >> she did everything perfect. above and beyond. and when i asked her what were you thinking? she says i wasn't. i was just thinking about this precious child that just had to get off the bus. >> she did it acosta didn't want to talk on camera. no one was hurt the firefighters were
, which is new for the city. >> reporter: but a rainbow in san jose, signalling round 1 was done. marin county typically gets hit the hardest during a major storm. people who live here right now are bracing for round 2 tomorrow night. elizabeth cook, cbs 5. >>> in tahoe, they got a mix of rain and snow today. ski resorts at lake level is above could get several feet of snow when all is said and done. log onto >>> it happened in the blink of an eye. two robbers stormed a bay area jewelry store flashing their guns and swinging their hammers. >> reporter: this surveillance video captured the longest 75 seconds of these employees' lives. >> did you think you were going to die? >> it crosses your mind. i was just waiting for him to shoot me. >> reporter: they didn't want to show their faces on camera but described two men bursting into the store yesterday afternoon. the first robber went right for the safe. the other man went straight for the jewelry case, smashed out the glass with a hammer and scooped out more than 150 rings into a trash can he brought with him. you can
at the airport. several people trying to fly out of oakland and san jose tonight tweeted they were stuck because of that outage. flights were delayed about an hour tonight the outage is on the out bound lane. >> he was on the run for seven months but a bay area rapper's luck ran out. chris tells us now he is taking center stage in an international drug ring investigation. >> they call him miami the most. his real name is michael lot. he belongs to biz entertainment. a front ns gators say for a drug dealing business. investigators say they have video of members selling drugs to undercover police officers. several other people were also selling drugs out of the neighborhood. >> investigators took down 25 other people associated with the company. >> if you're being unjustly charged that's unfair. >> the feds seized 45,000 ecstasy pills and $200,000 in dirty money. they say there are two rappers still on the run including this man, bruce, little bruce they areman and pebbles cook. . >> we have about a month until fall off the fiscal cliff. but lawmakers don't seem closer to pulling us back f
tomorrow in a trial of a former san jose principal. lynn -- she's charged with failing to report greg chandler. chandler is a teacher who has been convicted of committing lewd acts on a second grader in 2011. >>> oakland city council is look at covering up the antigraffiti laws. proposed changes include making graffiti vandalism a misdemeanor instead of a simple infraction. it would hold parents of underage violators financially responsible and give frequently targeted business access to a city cleanup fund. the property owners will have 10 days to clean up graffiti. >>> still to come, a blow to the office. >> and the bay area institution that is celebrating with live music and skeletons. >> the ultimate goal is to be able to quiet the voices of the working people as a whole. >> the biggest threat to union power in california. the debate over prop 32. the conversation with yes on proper 32 next. >> and the live pictures behind me tell the weather story. going to be a gorgeous sunday across the bay area. we're watching closely the next few days and could see record highs. things change
's allabout the other >> we're watching sel states across the bay >> these are coming out of san jose as well as richmond. roseher rer ra is losing badly at this point. 15% to 55% to jimmywin. a lot of money has beenspent on that race to unsee her rer ra. also the measure d,ragz it from 8 to 10 dollar an hour, it is winning from 57% to 33%. we also have the very conten shs soda tax in richmond. it would add a penny per ounce on sugar ri beverages. it islosing 48% to 32% >> fill, we're still under 32% with polls closed now for two hours. let's talk about measured first of all. >> this is one that's kind of up in the air. it's not settled >> it's an interesting one. that was actually owned by a group of students owned by a civics party at the college tlchlt it was popular. theycaught on and worked hard on it, and it's somebody else's money. let's be honest. as opposed tolet's say rich movenltd the sugar tax there, the idea of increasing a penny an ounls of sweet drinks to fight obesity. that's cut the beverage industry and grocers. they put in $22million to support that. theyare afraid sugar is
sunday. the day before thanksgiving, tomorrow. mid 60s which is average. san jose your high is 65. redwood city is 64. presentwood, 65. -- brentwood 65. mill valley 63 san 63 san francisco, 63 degrees tomorrow. thanksgiving thursday, shoppers on friday. lots of sunshine all the way into the middle of next week. the only rain is the rain we have outside now. >> the coach brought us aaron rogers and deshawn jackson is gone. we have reaction and the possible future coming up. that couldn't save jeff tedford's job... >>> he helped build cal a new stadium. he's the winningnist coach, but that was not enough to save deadford's job. he went -- kedford. athletic director said recent struggles on the field and in the classroom contributed to the dismissal. >> it's a matter that i believe that we could turn around some of these with urisome -- worrisome trends. it wouldn't be deep enough to take us to where we need to be. >> an nfl source tells me that they are targeting former raiders head coach hww jackson. >> winning fixes a lot of things. >> we're always going to be talking about the cl
with 80 degrees. close to 70 tomorrow. we'll be close to normal for concord. san jose, 69 degrees tomorrow. how about 71 for walnut creek. upper 60s for san rafel, mill valley. that's a lot of sunshine for november. how about 80 on sunday inland over the weekend. 70 at the coast on tuesday. we'll get a little cloudier toward the middle of next week. for folks who don't want to let go of summer and early fall. raise your hand. this is the kind of forecast that will keep us not thinking about christmas. >> yeah. well i just started thinking about it. it's november 1st. >> about 53 shopping days to go? >> la la la la. yeah. but at least it'll be sunny and people will be happy. >> yes. exactly. enjoy the sunshine while we have it. we'll be right back. california woman almost misd her dead >>> you know the old saying a day late and a dollar short. a southern california woman almost missed her deadline to claim a fortune. the unidentified woman bought a ticket worth $23 million in the california super lotto last may. at some point she tossed it in her glove compartment. the hunt for the winner g
including concord and santa rosa. san jose, 49. now this is what you'll wake up to tomorrow morning. chilly, livermore 41. but the low 50s for san francisco. redwood city 46. mountainview tomorrow morning 46 degrees. here's the set up and the atmosphere area, keeping us dry for three more days. so what you had today weather wise, it is similar to what you're going to have for the next couple of days. right on the northern fringe of this area, cloud cover from time to time. working their way. a couple fronts. only about 100 miles north of us. it'll be pleasant outside. highs in the 60s with the big h behind me, keeping the rain all the way on through thursday. and deep and strong area of the low pressure, it will move on in. it will stick around for about four to five days. starting on friday, lasting into next week. and so once we get wet, we're going to stay wet, but we're going to stay dry for the next couple of days until they get here on friday. right now the weekend, making plans for next weekend, pretty showery. highs tomorrow, upper 60s. 67. concordat 67 -- concord at 67. san rafael
. 80s peninsula including south san francisco, belmont millbury we dive to the south. san jose all in the low 80s jumping into the mid and high 80s into gilroy. east of the bay well inland 50 degrees in brentwood tracey oakly and discovery bay. 84 degrees in san ramon. low 80s coming from napa back in through sonoma then we jump into the high 80s. glen ellen as well. check out bodega bay. 78 stinson beach offshore flow resulting in 76 degrees but away from the ocean we'll see stagnant air quality a bit of a haze. you'll be able to see that tomorrow. anywhere from the north to the east into the santa clara valley. five-day forecast we're calling for a little bit of a cool down on tuesday possible record highs there as well. wednesday we do offer that transition day about 11 to 12 degrees cooler. we introduce the possibility of rain showers in the forecast on thursday actually all the way through saturday and notice most of us will be well into the 50s over that three day period jumping into the mid-60s by sunday. right now we are calling for clearer skies on veteran's day. veteran's
, novato. a bit of a break for san rafael. look at the lack of rain from san francisco south of san jose back up to oakland. it's all in the north bay right now. but that's going to change. weather. his job was to protect a >> check live for your neighborhood anytime you want. >>> his job was to protect and 7. now a -- and serve. now a former police channeder is in trouble with -- commander is in trouble with the law himself. he and his wife are accused of trying to swindle an elderly woman out of her estate. >> it makes me sad that people would prey on the elderly like that. and especially under the guise of being a police officer. >> reporter: too upset and disturbed to be identified this, pleasanton resident is talking about her neighbor. police commander matthew messier is behind bars charged with defrauding an 82-year-old woman who lived three doors down from him. everyone called her jean. >> i think of her like my own grandmother. >> reporter: he and his wife who is now at large placed the woman's entire estate into a trust. it was recorded may 15th of this year. >> he was able to
, even with the cease fire. 37 of those killed were children. >>> checking bay area headlines. san jose leaders will move tomorrow to hear what qualities the public wants in their next police chief. they would fire blanks, but could use the birdshots. they have had 180 including some that caused major damages to the planes. >>> a challenge of the defense of marriage act, that might be one of several they consider this week. the justices, they will decide whether or not to hear an appeal from the defenders of proposition 8, the initiative banning gay marriage. they are expected to meet this week to decide which cases they will hear next year. >>> a new pastor was sent packing. cbs 5 reported on whether or not the congregation wanted nothing to do with their newly hired leader. the new pastor, john hunter. the reverend hunter was ill today according to the leaders, so a fill-in took his place and most people are are glad. he was recently appointed by the bishop that flopped to the former leader. and hunter came from l.a. a quick google search revealed that he might come with the baggage.
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